Floating Asleep

Sleeping in a lobster boat in Maine. Sketchbook drawing then digitally colored, approx 5x7 inches.

What my sketchbook means to me
Much of my work done these days is done in my sketchbook. I really don't feel the need for much else. This simple thing makes me happy. It's small, compact, unassuming and I can take it anywhere. I can document my ideas and keep them hidden from the prying eyes of others. In my sketchbook, I don't have to feel silly for articulating my emotions – nothing is too absurd. I can draw, paint or color with crayons to my heart's delight. I can cut pieces of paper and glue them in random abstract shapes. Some of my sketchbooks are filled with writing and ideas for teaching. Others are filled only with portraits and figure models. Some have personalized covers with the year when it was created. Some are horizontal and some fit neatly in my pocket. They are a symposium for my soul, but are also a reflection of my ability to overcome.

In short, I can create without expectations and I don't have to give anyone a fancy fine art explanation for the thing I just did. I really can't see why anything else would be needed. All that I really need is my sketchbook. Perhaps this is because my sketchbook is a more honest reflection of who I am – not a painting in a frame on a wall for display.


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