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Save the Chimps Foundation


Sailboat in Maine

The Easel

The Grand Parents

The Grand Parents

MP7 Wild Pig Neutralizer

cz23 Coconut Buster

cz23 Coconut Buster detail

Siebo the Fisherman

Seibo the Fisherman detail

Aviator Dave

Aviator Dave

pencil study for "Fighter Pilot Dave"

Lionel Train Set

Lionel Engine

Lionel Coal Car

Lionel Petro Car

Lionel Blue Man

Lionel Cattle Car

Lionel Caboose

Yellow Chair

San Carlos, Mexico

self portrait As I AM


self portrait 1/2010

self portrait 1/2010 detail

MP7 Daisified

cz23 My Coconut Buster

Mr. Purps

ape in progress

Mr. Ape vs. Mr. Banana


Blue Self

portrait of Chris Stevens

self portrait w/ brush