Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Strangers Reside

Preliminary sketch for, Strangers Reside. Pencil in sketchbook, 2017 Titus Castanza.

Strangers Reside
He casually leans on the small window sill as he patiently waits for the clerk to fetch his spirits. His gaze wanders across the street where he notices a light coming from a second story window.
 "Two lovers in the night? Most likely." He thought to himself, as he slid his hand into his jacket pocket. "God only knows for sure." he murmured underneath his breath. For a moment he reminisces about his old life and how he used to be the man on the inside of a window just like that one. He thinks of it fondly and how he misses having someone to lay next to. He remembers the warmth, the security, the comfort and what it used to feel like to be loved. He remembers how after she was done reading in bed she would pull the chain on the bedside lamp after kissing him on the cheek,"Good night, dear." Come to think of it, there was probably someone gazing just outside his window, as he is tonight, with a similar perspective. This time, he is the man on the outside.
"A strange new perspective, indeed." he mutters softly. The cashier returns to the window and he snaps out of it. He pays the cashier and the cashier hands him a small glass bottle concealed inside a small brown paper bag.   -Written and illustrated by Titus Castanza

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Dominica DeMario said...

I miss her too cuz ~ Baaah!😢😭